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A black streaked roof after A1 Pressure Washing cleaned it using their roof soft washing method.

A1 Pressure Washing's low pressure roof cleaning. Low pressure means that the soap and detergents are gently sprayed on, given time to work, and then gently rinsed off. Unlike normal pressure washing, there is no force involved, therefore, no damage to the shingles.

Roof soft washing method being performed by A1 Pressure Washing

Roof soft washing and low pressure roof cleaning of asphalt, tile and slate shingles without high pressure. Call us for the removal of black streaks and cleaning of black roofs. Roof cleaning by A1 Pressure Washing Knoxville TN, Maryville TN and Cincinnati Ohio.

A black streaked roof before the Roof Soft Washing procedures of A1 Pressure Washing

The black streaks on a roof are usually just mostly mold (thick mold, but still just mold). The mold starts in sporadic places and then, rain and gravity pull the colonies' growth downward, forming streaks. Often misinterpreted as needing a new roof, solid black roofs are usually just streaks of mold that have grown together into a super colony.